Chiang Mai Scooter Tours

Chiang Mai Scooter Tours


A Full Day Exploration of Chiang Mai by Scooter or Motorbike

Ride a scooter through the countryside to beautiful viewpoints in the mountains

To truly explore Chiang Mai by motorbike tour, we recommend that you leave the safe zone and step into a full day adventure with us. Whether you want to ride a motorcycle by yourself or ride a motorcycle as a passenger with us, it's all possible. We'll take you on a journey through nature, winding forest roads, mountains with beautiful views, and places with fewer tourists.

The mountains have a charm that many people love, and for motorcyclists they are the main reason for traveling to Chiang Mai. We'll take you to Chiang Mai's best elephant sanctuary, where you can choose activities with elephants. Along the way, we'll stop to eat Michelin-starred prizes hidden in the forest.

Keeping going, you'll see the mountains from the highest and most stunning viewpoints, and break for local, internationally recognized, coffee.

At the last light of day, behind the horizon at the top of the golden pagoda, we'll stop to take photos before returning to the old city of Chiang Mai.

Full Day Private Scooter Tour 

Average 8 - 10 hours Total : 90 km.  ( 4 hours riding )

1. Start from Oxotel and head to a beautiful temple and craft community. 

2. Ride out of Chiang Mai on a biker destination road trip to visit the best elephant sanctuary in Chiang Mai.

3. Lunch : Michelin-starred fusion food with a view.

4. Stop at the best viewpoints along the mountain roads.

5. Break for coffee or afternoon tea.

6. Visit the Princess' temple before sunset.

Ride Your Own Scooter or be a Passenger on Tour

Passengers on a scooter tour
Passengers on a scooter tour

A Passenger Scooter Tour of Chiang Mai

We offer a scooter tour with our riders so that you can enjoy the moment and have a wonderful adventure and experience, feeling free and relaxed on a motorcycle, as we take you on a long ride to see Nature, Villages, Cultures, Food, Local Life, and Hidden Gems. We can create a tailor made scooter tour just for you.

Wondrous Chiang Mai