Chiang Mai Scooter Tours

Chiang Mai Scooter Tours


Half Day on a Scooter around Chiang Mai

Explore Chiang Mai with a visit to a beautiful local lake

We ride around Chiang Mai's old town. Will you remember how many temples you pass? We stop at just a few special temples to learn about Buddhism, temple culture and craft making. See the work of a traditional Thai community in progress, and if you want to try, you can too.

Afterwards we stop for Thai desserts and drinks before visiting the artisan collective of a young generation of artists and designers, which is very different from the first community.

Next we take the bikes out of town to a beautiful lake, where you can relax with food and an optional massage (to be arranged through advanced booking). Or you can spend some more energy hiking up to a waterfall nearby the lake, before heading back to town.

We can design a wonderful motorbike tour just for you.

Half Day Private City Scooter Tour

Average 5 - 6 hours Total : 40 km.

1. Start from Oxotel and head to a beautiful temple and craft community. 

2. Ride around the moat sightseeing and stopping at the Royal Family's temple.

3. Stop for some refreshing authentic local desserts.

4. Head out of town to the west to visit a Crafts, Artist & Designer community.

5. Visit Wat Umong, the Tunnel temple.

6. Ride to the lake and relax with some food.

Questions We Often Get Asked

Couple on a scooter tour in Chiang Mai
Couple on a scooter tour in Chiang Mai

Basic information for a scooterist on tour

    1. Wear at least sneakers. For safety reasons, it is not recommended to wear sandals or flip-flops.

    2. Due to the hot weather, prepare a jacket for wind and heat protection, as well as sunglasses.

    3. Prepare your actual passport or a cash deposit plus a copy of your passport. The deposit for renting a motorbike is 3000 baht as a rule, and is basic policy.

      4. It is not recommended to use headphones to listen to music while driving.

      5. We have clean helmets and hair covers.  

      6. Please come on time to the meeting point, and if you want to change the details of the program, you must inform us at least 24 hours in advance of the tour.

      7. Depending on the weather conditions, the program can be partially adjusted where possible, and along the lines of the main program.

      8. If you ride by yourself, everything is 100% your responsibility. Insurance covers 30,000 baht of medical expenses, but you if you ride yourself you must pay for the motorcycle repairs yourself.  

      9. If you don't have a driver's license, and we encounter a police checkpoint, you must pay the fine of approximately 500 baht by yourself.

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