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Questions We Often Get Asked

Couple on a scooter tour in Chiang Mai
Couple on a scooter tour in Chiang Mai

Basic information for a scooterist on tour

    1. Wear at least sneakers. For safety reasons, it is not recommended to wear sandals or flip-flops.

    2. Due to the hot weather, prepare a jacket for wind and heat protection, as well as sunglasses.

    3. Prepare your actual passport or a cash deposit plus a copy of your passport. The deposit for renting a motorbike is 3000 baht as a rule, and is basic policy.

      4. It is not recommended to use headphones to listen to music while driving.

      5. We have clean helmets and hair covers.  

      6. Please come on time to the meeting point, and if you want to change the details of the program, you must inform us at least 24 hours in advance of the tour.

      7. Depending on the weather conditions, the program can be partially adjusted where possible, and along the lines of the main program.

      8. If you ride by yourself, everything is 100% your responsibility. Insurance covers 30,000 baht of medical expenses, but you if you ride yourself you must pay for the motorcycle repairs yourself.  

      9. If you don't have a driver's license, and we encounter a police checkpoint, you must pay the fine of approximately 500 baht by yourself.

      Scooterist clothing
      Scooterist clothing

      How to dress for a scooter tour ? 

      Getting dressed to ride a motorcycle:

        1. Wear at least sneakers. Sandals are not recommended.

        2. Long sleeve shirts for wind and sun protection.

        3. We have helmets, so you don't have to worry.

        4. Sunglasses or goggles.

        5. Gloves for motorcyclists.

        6. Long pants.

        These are the basic elements, which you can adjust to suit own style.

        temple tour clothing
        temple tour clothing

        How to dress for a temple tour ?

        There is a dress etiquette for entering a Thai temple.

        Please dress politely, to respect the temple and monks practices, and as appropriate to the season.

        For women: Wear something that covers your legs, and don’t wear tank tops, or sleeveless or low-cut shirts.

        For unplanned visits where you may have inappropriate clothing, you can often buy or rent a sarong at the entrance of many temples.  

        How can I join a scooter tour if I don't know how to ride a bike ? 

        Can I ride a scooter if I have no experience ? 

        If you have no driving experience at all, including cycling, or we assess that you have no experience, we have two options for you, for your own safety.

        1. You can choose to be a passenger, and we will take you on a safe and worry-free journey.

        2. You can choose to try and learn to drive a motorcycle by yourself. For this you must notify us of in advance, and tell us the number of people who are interested in learning how to ride. For example:

        "I'm interested in learning how to ride a motorcycle. I also have 1 friend who would like to be a passenger."


        "We are 2 people, both interested in learning how to ride a motorcycle, before taking a driving test, and going on our trip."  

        If the driving test completed within the specified time and you feel confident to ride by yourself you may do so. If you still feel insecure about driving by yourself, or our instructors feel that it would not be safe, we welcome you to be a pillion rider.

        We have accident insurance to cover medical expenses in the amount of 30,000 baht, but this does not include damages to the motorcycle, which you must be responsible for if you ride by yourself.

        How old do you have to be to join a scooter tour? 

        1. To ride as a passenger on a motorcycle tour you have to be at least 6 years old.

        2. 16+ years old to drive by your self, providing you have some experience on a scooter or motorbike. (ํThe decision to ride by yourself means that you take full responsibility.) 

        3. You should have a motorcycle license.

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